Have a few questions? Hopefully the answers below can help. I'm building this site out as I go along so there might be things that will require a bit of patience.

Is this a subscription site?

Why yes, yes it is. The reason why I charge money is because it drives me to do better. Blog posts are great and free stuff is fun - but ultimately the authors of those things can shrug and say "whatever, it's free". I can't do that nor would I ever want to. I make sure you get value. If you don't - you get your money back.

Can I share my subscription?


Can I download the videos?

No, not just yet. I might have an option for this in the future but I've been doing this for the last 15 years and I'm growing tired of sending out DMCA notices. For now, I'm doing stream only. This may change.

Can I cancel any time?

Of course.

How often will you be pushing new content?

I'm not making any guarantees. The idea behind this site is that it's a long-living resource for a very long-living subject. I think people will pop in and out over time, so my focus is that you're buying access to this resource.

That said, I love doing this stuff so I'll do my best to add to it at least once a month.

Is this Tekpub all over again?

I don't think so. Tekpub was focused on new/shiny things, this site is focused on fun, older things.

Aren't you the guy that wrote those books?

Yes. That's me.