Hi there, I'm Rob Conery and this is my site for hosting videos I create about Computer Science topics. This can be stuff you learn in school (like machine theory, complexity theory, data structures and algorithms etc) or the stuff you're not taught in school - like design patterns and structural principles.

These topics are fun and all, but you need to be able to put them to good use, so I've branched out a bit into interviewing and helping out first-time solo contractors as well. We need to know this stuff to survive in the Big Bad World of Tech and, in many cases, I've learned these things the hard way.

You can benefit from my bruises... that's what this site is for.

Where did all these videos come from?

I created a bunch of them to support The Imposter's Handbook. something I wrote back in 2015 (season 1) and then again in 2018 (season 2). I had lots of fun, but code is visual!

I thought a natural progression would be to also create interviewing videos - so I did that too.