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A place to learn (or relearn) core theory, skills and concepts for programmers.

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Becoming a Solo Contractor

In 2017 I created a set of videos and posts designed to help solopreneurs launch their business. I've gone through this process 4 times now and each time I've learned something new... and relearned something old (aka "the hard way"). You can learn from my mistakes in this playlist! Good luck.

CS Basics

This playlist is all about core CS concepts, including theory, binary, data structures and algorithms, information theory and encoding, encryption and more.

Coding Interview Bootcamp

This playlist is focused on helping you get through the grueling interview process at larger tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and more. Learn the skills and techniques to survive the most grueling interviews in the world. The questions are annoying, but the jobs are worth it.

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